Sunday, July 20, 2008

the Bugs Bunny Show- Mexicali Schmoes

Here's another ultra-rare Bugs Bunny Show episode. This one comes from Jon's collection, and while it is far from perfect (lots of reused animation from the original "Mexicali Schmoes" short) it is an interesting curio. It's politically incorrect to be sure, and focusing on the most moronic Mexican-caricature characters ever created is something that would never happen today. And check out the Kool-Aid ad with some cringe-worthy Japanese caricatures. Still, this episode is pretty funny, and you won't see it on TV or DVD anytime soon. Take it with a grain of salt, and enjoy:


Rob G. said...

That Kool-Aid commercial was, wow...I don't even know. What year was that?

I think Mickey Rooney would have blushed at that one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Matthew, for posting this; one can only hope that these linking segments may one day find their way onto a "Bugs Bunny Show" DVD, albeit with the appropriate disclaimers attached.

Does anyone know for certain who did the animation for the Kool-Aid commercial? It doesn't look like it was done by anyone at Warner Bros. (unless it was sub-contracted to Format Films).

I listened carefully to the rickshaw driver in that commercial, but I don't think he was voiced by Mel Blanc. I did, however, recognize the distinctive timbre of Thurl Ravenscroft (a.k.a. "Tony the Tiger") as the voice of the smiling Kool-Aid Pitcher (long before he started crashing through walls and shouting, "Oh yeah!")

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