Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McLanche Feliz Looney Tunes

Well, Warner Bros. may be on a health kick (see our previous post about their Safeway food tie-ins) but I guess that's only here in the good ol' U.S.A.! Check out the latest McDonald's Happy Meal from Brazil:


Thad said...

The hell? Those plushes actually are passable. Are they using the shops with older kids for these?

Harley Green said...

Recently a friend of mine brought me a Bugs Bunny pluschie toy from McDonalds' Happy Meal since he went to Brazil on holiday: they are low quality plushies, the ones produced by WBSS were even better of those!
The few times I went on a McDonald was during the time of the promotion of "Space Jam", when there were special surprises (I got a Sylvester+Tweety figure and Taz playing basket!);
Just one thing: I wish so much that McDonalds relaunch again the same Looney Tunes'gadgets or similar that were offered in the early 90's!!

I hate that fast food restaurants, but if I can gain a Looney Tunes piece to collect, I would sacrifice myself with a disgusting and fattie Happy Meal!!

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