Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Warner Village Cinemas

I think we've shown a snippet of this in the past, but here it is in its entirety. The Warner Village Cinema chain of theaters outside of the USA kicks off their features with this short cartoon about movie theater etiquette with the Looney Tunes characters.

Thanks, Thad


Anonymous said...

Very intresting to watch, that. Shame it wasn't in English, though. Would have loved to know what they were saying.

And I'm really impressed with how smooth and lively the animation is. I recognise the style they used when they reanimated the "Bug and Tweety" intro in the 80's/90's. I only wish we knew which studio were responsible for it.

S.L said...

That's Italian!!! how cool!!!!
Aren't others short cartoons like this one with other charachters?

In Italy you can find the WB Village Cinema in the southern regions of the country (Neaples and other places...)! In the north zone there aren't...that's bad luck, but this is not a matter because I go very rarely to the movies... :D

S.L said...

Here we go from the Spaghetti Country with a fast summary of this Looney Tunes cinema commercial!!

In this short Bugs makes a sort of welcome speech to the cinema audience (when he shouts "benvenuti" and his head becomes suddenly enormous it means welcome!) and explicates with some exemplicative shorts the advantages and the etiquette that everyone must have when go to the Warner Village cinemas.

in the first short with Tweety and Sylvester the voice of Bugs explains that in the WV you can find a wide range of snacks and sweets... and also drinks! (notice the gag with Sylvester gulping a punch of Salt!!)

The Sketch with Elmer and Duffy illustrates that you can reserve the places before coming, and it also suggests to do not talk with your mate while watching the movie;

As you can understand from the third sketch, is important to keep clean the cinema and trash the rubbish in the apposite basket!

The last one with Yosemite Sam is about complaining in the cinema: precisely, Bugs says "If you are not satisfied with the temperature in the cinema, with the Screening or with the Sound, we kindly invite you to point it out to our Staff"
When Sam has the problem with the movie frame he shouts "hey screening man!" and then he says "Thank you!"; at this point Bugs adds ironically that it is also forbit smoking in the cinema!

In the next scene Bugs makes notice that there're special offers for old people, kids and much more features, like the benefit to reserve the place by phone or with a special membership card that you can get from the WV;

Finally Bugs concludes with a "Questo รจ tutto gente!!!" = That's all Folks!!! and good vision;

PS. you must admit that the italian dubbling of the Looney Tunes is very good, ain't it? =D


Thad said...

Darrell Van Critters directed the opening for the 1990s Bugs & Tweety Show. Not sure if this is his work.

opimus said...

The voices were excellent

Anonymous said...

I like Italian Bugs' voice...it's very close to the original.

Anonymous said...

The Italian voice of Bugs is provided by great the actor Massimo Giuliani in the new restored edition of the looney Tunes; here a photo of him --> http://www.antoniogenna.net/doppiaggio/voci/giuliani.jpg

I really admire all the italian doublers of the Looney Tunes because they did an excellent job!

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