Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Status of the DC Looney Tunes Comics?

In the comments to Matthew's last post, reader "santarl" pointed out that the Looney Tunes comics are no longer listed on the DC Comics website. I had to poke around but eventually found them mentioned on this page. The last one listed is Issue 165 due out on August 6 (featuring a cover with a race between Speedy and the Road Runner).

However, poking around Google reveals some comic sites with information about Issues 166 and 167. Some sites are taking pre-orders, some say pre-orders have been cancelled. These two issues are nowhere to be found on the DC Kids website (which is usually right on top of this sort of thing). Is anybody out here connected with the comics industry and know the status of the LT comics? They haven't been the greatest lately, but it will still be sad to see them go.

Looney Tunes #166 - was originally announced for Sept. 3, 2008

Looney Tunes #167 - was originally announced for Oct. 1, 2008 - Witch Hazel celebrates Halloween in "A Witch for all Seasons" as Porky Pig signs up for a bad deal in "The Devil and Bugs Bunny."


Anonymous said...

Note that the pages for the recent issues of the other comics in the kids line have a date of Auguest. So, I don't think it's the end of the line of the Looney Tunes comics yet.

Man, why did they had to redesign the DC Comic site and dis-include the dates for the upcoming comics in the Kids line? The Looney Tunes comics are now the only cream of the crop in that series.

S.L said...

I noted too that the LT comics weren't listed on the DCcomics website (they even change the graphic of their site!), is true that recent comics aren't so good as the other years, but the thing that I can't stand is the fact that DC comic decides to put the Looney Tunes comics into the "Kids" category.

I think that the choise of refer a product to a certain target could just worsen the image of this classic magazine, which for nearly 20 years (except for Dell comics) is read and appreciated by all-aged person!

Anonymous said...

I hope it does not end or at least not yet! I was looking forward to that Witch Hazel story!

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