Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Super Size Me, Doc

Going along with the theme of Matthew's post yesterday, here is some more Looney Tunes/McDonald's goodness for you. From 1995, here is a trayliner promoting McD's NBA/Looney Tunes All-Star Showdown, one of many such LT/basketball team-ups that pre-dated Space Jam. When you "super sized" your meal, you'd get a special extra-huge plastic cup for your soda featuring a team-up of a LT character with an NBA superstar. There was a series of live action/animated commercials at the time which also promoted the delicious-looking-but-likely-life-threatening McBacon Deluxe.

Is anyone else getting hungry?

Also, your supersized french fries would come in a special fry box. Smaller fries came in the plain ol' generic looking Porky one.

Later in 1995, the Looney Tunes teamed up with the NFL for a similar promotion at McDonald's. Also featuring LT/NFL team-ups on your 20 gallon plastic cup of soda. Here's the trayliner for this. Warner Bros. took the opportunity to plug a line of LT/NFL gear at the Warner Bros. Studio Stores at the time. You also got a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. Not sure why I never used that.

On the backside of this trayliner was a listing of ALL the WB Stores at the time. There's also a 13 year old Mc-grease stain on the bottom. Eeew. Why'd I save this again?


S.L said...

The combination between Looney Tunes, American National Sports (= baseball and basketball)and Unhealty Diet (Mc Donalds special offers) has always been a costant for the merchandising! Anyway, is interesting to see again memorabilia like these!

13 year old Mc-grease stain on the bottom????????? EWWWWW!!! poor you!

S.L said...

talking about old Looney Tunes promotion in fast food chains, take a look at this image I found on ebay!

Anonymous said...

I remember that promotion. I have the Yosemite Sam cup(if it's still in the kitchen after all those years)

Anonymous said...

I still have the Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny cup from that first promotion - it's kind of hard to see in that image, but as a sly dig at Jordan's short-lived minor league baseball career, it features Bugs in a baseball uniform saying "C'mon, Doc! Dunk one right over the ol' plate!"

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